What is Repair Café?

A monthly pop up social event where you can repair your things with the help of our friendly volunteers and enjoy a cuppa, cake and natter.

This is a free event where you are encouraged to bring in your broken appliance, stuck zip, rusty tools, old bicycle, holey jumper – whatever you can imagine – and work with our volunteers to make the necessary repairs to keep it running. Come and join us to learn how to repair and mend, save money and be part of a community sharing crafts, knowledge and creative skills.

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  • As seen on the BBC

    17th Jan 2019 by

    We’ve been inundated with questions since our appearance on the BBC last week! If you didn’t catch us, we were part of a piece around some possible changes in law around #RightToRepair, and were featured with The Restart Project, based in London. We were on BBC Breakfast, News, Radio 4 Today show as well as… Read more

  • Things you didn’t know existed

    6th Dec 2018 by

    As well as helping people to repair things, we always have fun discovering things that we didn’t even know existed. Last month Noa brought in his shoes that flash as he walks, but they weren’t any average flashing shoe…they even had a USB port, so that he could recharge them! The port wasn’t charging, so… Read more

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