A first with Fun Palaces

We had such a lovely time on Sunday at New Theatre Royal’s first Fun Palaces event.

Fun Palaces is an annual event as part of a campaign to try and ensure that community is at the heart of culture.

The theme of this year’s event was Fun and Fashion, and along with a clothes swap, community fashion show, amazing local designers and ‘behind the scenes’ theatrical costumes tours, we pitched up to do some fabric repairs. As always, it’s just lovely to spend time with our fellow volunteers and spread the word about Repair Café in the city. But we also had lots of fun repairing some loved items.

Our first visitor brought in a much loved pair of levis which had holes in both knees (in this case, not the desired look), so with Denise’s help, she learnt how to patch one, and then took up our challenge and went home and did the other herself. We think she did an amazing job, and this is what we’re all about; sharing skills, building confidence and celebrating success.

Denise also loved giving some of Portsmouth Young Creatives a tour of her sewing machine, and we helped several young enthusiastic repairers learn how to sew on a button.

Freya brought in a much loved wrap that had a couple of immoveable curry and bleach stains. We did a rummage for some co-ordinating fabric from a scrap pile and managed to creatively add some patches. One stained wrap has now become a bespoke one-off, which she was very happy with, and was a pleasure to work on.

Along with multiple zip fixes, torn armpits and a t-shirt remodel, it was a fun event to be part of, and we look forward to more items being brought in at our next Repair Café on Saturday 20th October, back at Buckland URC in Fratton.

#PompeyFix #LoveYourClothes #ZeroWaste #InternationalRepairDay