Emotional Rollercoaster

Have you seen BBC World Hack’s latest short film about Repair Cafes? They talk about the joy of these projects, and it’s so true, although we have a bit more of a spectrum of emotions….from the head scratching, to frustration of not being able to even get inside some plastic encased items. #RighttoRepair From the disappointment of having to say that some things simply can’t be fixed, to the elation and joy of breathing new life into useful and treasured items.

The short film is definitely worth a watch…or even better come and see us in action this Saturday (17th) and bring along something that you need help fixing!

Last month, we saw a great selection of things being fixed, and the 36 items included:

  • clothes: trousers, dress, jacket, bags
  • jewellery: earrings, necklaces
  • a scooter and bikes
  • a tablet
  • speakers
  • an alarm
  • a dyson
  • a mixer
  • a music centre
  • a fire engine and even a cuddly toy monkey!

We also had lots of younger visitors and team members – we believe it’s important to encourage the future generations to repair. #PompeyFix

Montage of people with their fixed items