Things you didn’t know existed

Repairer with child and his usb flashing shoes

As well as helping people to repair things, we always have fun discovering things that we didn’t even know existed. Last month Noa brought in his shoes that flash as he walks, but they weren’t any average flashing shoe…they even had a USB port, so that he could recharge them! The port wasn’t charging, so one of our new repairers, Oscar, took a look.

As well as flashing shoes, last month we saw another 56 items, including:

  • 25 electrical
  • 21 sewing and fabric repairs
  • 3 jewellery items
  • 2 phones
  • 2 bikes (a big decrease on our normal figures, but it was cold)
  • 4 random items – a clock, chair, metal whisk and a key rack

An amazing 41 of those items was repaired, which amounted to more than 27 kilos of waste being saved from the bin!

We’ve got one more Repair Café for this year, which is on Saturday 15th December, between 10.30am & 1pm at Buckland URC, 174 Kingston Road, Fratton. Please spread the word, and we look forward to seeing if we can help you fix your broken items before the year is out.