#BigFix2020 This Saturday

So this Saturday is our regular Repair Café event in Portsmouth, but we’re also part of the Big Fix 2020. There will be well over 100 repair events happening all across the UK this Saturday; utilising more than 900 volunteers; over 2,800 hours of volunteer time; attempting to fix over 2000 items!

The estimate is that we won’t have to spend £70,000 replacing broken items because they’ll be fixed, and we’ll save at least 60 tonnes of carbon! Not bad for a day’s work!

So why not bring along your broken items and get some help learning how to fix them. Whether that’s clothes, bikes, electricals, costume jewellery, toys…as long as you can carry it, we’ll try and take a look.

And if you’re based outside of Portsmouth, find a Repair Café or Restart Project event near you.

Saturday 15th February