A shout out for Team Scrubbers

This weekend we’re doing a special shout out for experienced sewers. Some of you will have seen in previous posts that women and men across the nation are coming together to make scrubs for the NHS. The local scrubbers team are doing an amazing job, but they still have a large number of requests that they can’t fulfill.

Sets of homemade scrubs

So if you’re a competent sewer; can work from a brown paper template with minimal instruction sheet; has time to make a minimum of 3 sets of scrubs in a week; and would like to join in, please get in touch with the Scrubbers team. (You’ll be supplied with packs of 6m of fabric.)

To get in touch with them: There is a facebook group Team Scrubbers Serving Southampton / Portsmouth areas with Scrubs and once you join the group, the simplest way to get in touch with the relevant areas moderators, is to click on the ‘Scrubber Area Posts’ in the ‘Popular Topis in Posts’ section at the top right of the page. Julie is the moderator for Portsea Island and Karen for North of the Island. There are also all the other areas covered as well.

And if you’re not on Facebook, you might want to check out the ScrubHub website, which has links to other groups in the area with email addresses.

A massive well done to all those caring for all those that are caring on the frontline. Thank you!