Tips: Keeping your bike fit

Across the city people are turning to their bikes to get out and about. The weather has been glorious, the roads are safer than they’ve been for decades for cyclists, and whether your getting to you’re work shift or taking the kids out for exercise, bikes are making a come-bac

If you’re dusting off your trusty stead that’s been in shed over winter or getting a new-to-you bike from a neighbour or friend, it’s worth checking the bike before taking it out.

If it’s in need of some serious attention and beyond your knowledge to fix, contact a local bike shop (there are many open across the city, and find some with great offers for keyworkers here).

But if you think it’s in pretty good shape and just needs a once-over, here is a great 11 step M-check from Sustrans. To keep your bike going safely and for longer, we’d suggest you do this check regularly.

The M check for your bike in 11 steps

Check your bike is safe to ride - a how to guide - YouTube

At the bottom of their page, they’ve also got details on how to clean your bike and how to set your bike up.

Note: Bike image by Michel Stockman via Unsplash