March and beyond

The booking request system is now live for our two March events:

Please note that we continue to review our COVID precautions with our volunteers, and have decided to keep most of our systems in place for this month, to enable as many people to feel safe attending and volunteering as possible.

And beyond…

We’re also currently working on getting a more permanent base for the project and linking it in with a Library of Things. If anyone is interested in getting involved in making that happen, we have an event next week which will explain the vision and ways you can join the team. Find out more here.

Not sure what a Library of Things is?

They’re popping up around the world and we’re looking to start one in Portsmouth.

Rather than a library full of books, it will be a library of things for you to borrow including tools, kitchen items, camping gear and more. It’s for those things that you use infrequently, and is a way to save money, space, carbon and build community. And the great thing is that there are many ways that it works brilliantly with a Repair Café and if we have a home for them both, we can expand what we do and answer more of the requests that we currently get and can’t fulfill.