Donations are arriving

Our dream of setting up a Library of Things along with a base for Repair Café is getting closer to being a reality. We’ve started collecting donations and it’s brilliant to see such a range of things from our wishlist beginning to appear.

Last week we cycled around to collect some items, including

  • a travel cot – perfect for visiting family or making a trip away with a little one…and all the better for not having to store the cot in your house for the rest of the year!
  • a hedge trimmer – you only need to use it a few times a year, so why not borrow it for those occasions
  • childrens’ ear defenders – great to borrow for festivals or maybe even a cinema visit
  • a large cooking pot
  • garden games e.g. giant pick up sticks, coconut shy, croquet…

And others are being dropped to us on a regular basis, which is brilliant news.

We’re still working on getting some premises for the autumn, but want to be able to start lending as quickly as possible at that point, so if you think you might have something to offer from our wishlist, please do check it out here, and get in touch.

Oh…and since we love sharing so much, we borrowed the eCargo bike from Southsea Cycles for our errands last week. It’s amazing what you can fit in one of these things and the conversations you have with passers by when you’re stopped at lights etc. #sharing