Fixing the Climate – one repair at a time

During Ethical Consumer Week 2021, we hosted an event about community repair and Right to Repair.

If you missed it, you can view it here.

What if we told you there was a way to cut waste, resource-use and climate emissions, while bringing people together, sharing skills and building community? Community repair cafés are doing just that, but to fix the climate gap, we also need to ensure things are built to last as long as possible and everyone has the Right to Repair.

The event gives you an overview of how repair has a key part to play in closing the climate gap. And how we don’t yet have the Right to Repair the things we buy. Our speakers address the changes we can make at individual, community and national policy level to realise the benefits of repair for people, neighbourhoods and planet.

The event was facilitated by the Community Repair Network and our panel of speakers included:

Ugo Vallauri

Co-founder of The Restart Project, a social enterprise that empowers people to learn to repair their own electronics in community events and in workplaces, and campaigns on the Right to Repair.

Christine McCartney

Founder and organiser of Repair Café Belfast, Chris is passionate about how repair can forge new connections and capacities in our communities. Repair Café Belfast’s 50 volunteers host regular pop up events across the city and are now helping other towns and villages to start their own community repair projects. 

Kunal Patel

A wife who was interested in sustainability and a broken toaster were the perfect combination to lead Kunal to his first local repair event. He’s gone onto attending basic electrical repair training and joined the repair event’s team, where he’s affectionately known as the Soldering Ninja.

Guy Jones

As a teenager, Guy would pick things out of skips and try to repair them, but the gamechanger was attending his first Repair Café which boosted his confidence and he’s been fixing things for neighbours and friends ever since.

Clare Seek

Founder and organiser of Repair Café Portsmouth, Clare loves the satisfaction that a repair brings and wants to see repair firmly embedded in our culture. Repair Café Portsmouth runs monthly and is helping others set up similar events across the Solent region. She’ll be hosting the event on behalf of the Community Repair Network.

Our panellists each gave short presentations and then there was plenty of time for questions from those attending.

If you missed it, you can view it here.

The Community Repair Network is a network of voluntary, community based repair groups. Our mission is to coordinate the voluntary sector’s contribution to repair in the UK, which includes sharing knowledge and resources, supporting new and existing groups, and coming together as a cohesive voice to champion repair. We’re passionate about repair and helping to close the climate gap. Repair Café Portsmouth is part of the network.