Library of Things

What is a Library of Things?

We’re creating a community project where you can borrow DIY tools, kitchen appliances, camping gear, party supplies, sports equipment and more.

You don’t need to buy, repair or store infrequently used items.

Why buy when you can borrow?

We’re looking to have a shop where people can come to borrow things, and this will work alongside Repair Café so that we can maintain the kit, and have a regular location for Repair Café. But don’t worry, we still plan to hold other events around the city for you to attend.

A team of us are currently working on premises, systems, branding etc and if you’re interested in helping us make it happen, do get in touch.

Want to find out more about the Library of Things concept, check out some of these intiatives.

Want to keep updated on developments?

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  • or follow us on Facebookor subscribe to blog posts on this website.
  • subscribe to blog posts on this website.

We’re all about reducing waste and are hoping that almost all the things that we offer in the future will be pre-loved items from people’s attics, cupboards, sheds etc.

You can help our library grow by donating working tools and equipment.

If you have something on our wishlist to donate (you’ll find the list at the bottom of this page) please keep reading the additional info, and then say hello to us at and send the following information about your donation:

  • An image of your item/s
  • A brief assessment of their condition
  • Your availability for dropping them off

Things we don’t need

Although we want to recoup as much as possible from waste or under-use we are limited by our storage, as well as the capacity of our volunteer repairers to fix broken things. Here is a guide to what we don’t need:

  • Cordless tools with dead batteries.
  • Petrol-powered tools – these are too costly for us to maintain.
  • Unorganised consumables & fixings e.g. nails, sandpaper, door handles.
  • Items that are not in good working order.
  • Items that are caked in dirt, oil or paint – clean them off  and contact us then.

Assess repair/quality – If the item you wish to donate requires a few simple repairs, such as re-wiring or blade-sharpening, we may be able to take it, especially if it is a good quality item.

We are also keen to hear from tool manufacturers, construction companies, DIY outlets, and educational institutions who would be willing to support our library with donations.

Our Wishlist

(if you have items not on it, that you think might be of interest, drop us a line)

Other things that the project needs

As we’re a new project, there are other things that we’re looking for to help us run the Library of Things.

We could do with:

  • a couple of good laptops
  • a smart phone
  • a printer

As well as funding and premises (we’re exploring various possibilities, but would love to hear from anyone who has some empty retail space that’s central to Portsmouth that we could start from).

Please get in touch if you can help in any way.