Tips: Celebrating!

For those of you that have been to a Repair Café session in Portsmouth, you’ll know that we have a bell that you ring when something has been fixed. This is so that all the repairers and visitors get a sense of how many things are being fixed, and we can all celebrate together.

Trying new things isn’t easy, so success sometimes might be simply the fact that you were brave enough to give something a go, whatever the end result. For others it will be the success of setting aside some time to breath new life into something that needs some love and attention.

So today’s top tip is to celebrate the small and big things. And we’ve got some photos of things that people have been making and repairing to inspire you.

Here’s one you might have seen from our Facebook live event at the start of the lockdown. A friend has a new puppy that took a liking to her favourite cardigan. In some cultures they highlight repairs, showing part of the journey of the object, and with that in mind, I knitted a little new paw print corner and wove it into the cardigan…she’ll never forget that puppy stage and how much she loves the dog, even when he has been a bit naughty.

A little bit of darning going on by my 9 year old to fix his favourite pair of socks.

And last, but by no means least, Ming from The Makers Guild has been mobilising people across the city to make visors for non-frontline keyworkers.

Individuals and teams across the city have been busy in the past three weeks making various types of face shields for keyworkers. Schools, the University, Makers Spaces, businesses, individuals and more are getting involved with a variety of models.

The project that the Makers Guild is linked with had made 4,270 at the last count yesterday, and they’ve been going out to GP Surgeries, care homes, police, health visitors and community keyworkers. If you’d like to support their efforts, they’ve got a crowdfunder to help purchase more 3D Print filament (PLA and PETG), clear sheets for visors, polypropylene or polycarbonate for laser cutting, elastics, bags, boxes and some fuel for their coordinators to deliver the face shields to where it is needed.

Great work everyone! Definitely worth celebrating.

So let us know what you’ve been up to. Email us or tag your social media posts with #PompeyFix

Have a good Easter weekend and stay safe.